Transform `io-ts` to `zod schema`

JavaScript pattern

Transform io-ts schemas to zod schema

Transform io-ts schemas and validation to zod equivalent

import * as t from 'io-ts';
import { isLeft } from "fp-ts/Either";

const User = t.type({
    name: t.string,
    age: t.number,
    nothing: t.null,
    nothingType: t.nullType,
    undef: t.undefined,
    v: t.void,
    vType: t.voidType,
    hidden: t.unknown,
    tags: t.array(t.string),
    hiddenArray: t.UnknownArray,
    hiddenMap: t.UnknownRecord,
    optional: t.union([t.string, t.null]),
    status: t.union([
    readOnlyString: t.readonly(t.string),
    readOnlyType: t.readonly(
            id: t.number,
            uid: t.string,
    readonlyArr: t.readonlyArray(t.string)

const A = t.type({
  foo: t.string

const B = t.partial({
  bar: t.number

const C = t.type({
    foo: t.string,
    bar: t.number

const ABC = t.intersection([A, B, C])

const Comment = t.type({
  username: t.string,
  content: t.number,

const Blog = t.partial({
    title: t.string,
    comments: t.array(Comment),
    fields: t.keyof(Comment)

const data: unknown = {}
const decoded = User.decode(data); 

if (isLeft(decoded)) {
  throw Error("Validation failed");

const decodedUser = decoded.right;
import z from 'zod'

const User = z.object({
    name: z.string(),
    age: z.number(),
    nothing: z.null(),
    nothingType: z.null(),
    undef: z.undefined(),
    v: z.void(),
    vType: z.void(),
    hidden: z.unknown(),
    tags: z.array(z.string()),
    hiddenArray: z.array(z.unknown()),
    hiddenMap: z.unknown(),
    optional: z.union([z.string(), z.null()]),
    status: z.union([
    readOnlyString: z.string().readonly(),
    readOnlyType: z.object({
            id: z.number(),
            uid: z.string(),
    readonlyArr: z.array(z.string()).readonly()

const A = z.object({
  foo: z.string()

const B = z.object({
  bar: z.number()

const C = z.object({
    foo: z.string(),
    bar: z.number()

const ABC = z.intersection(A, B, C)

const Comment = z.object({
  username: z.string(),
  content: z.number(),

const Blog = z.object({
    title: z.string(),
    comments: z.array(Comment),
    fields: Comment.keyof()

const data: unknown = {}
const decoded = User.safeParse(data); 

if (!decoded.success) {
  throw Error("Validation failed");

const decodedUser =;