CLI Quickstart

The Grit CLI is a command-line interface for Grit. It allows you to apply GritQL patterns and run custom workflows.


You can install the Grit CLI from NPM:

npm install --location=global @getgrit/cli

Alternatively, you can also install Grit with an installation script:

curl -fsSL | bash

Once you have installed the CLI, you can optionally run grit init to initialize a local Grit configuration and grit install to install additional binaries used for custom workflows.

Applying changes

The primary purpose of the Grit CLI is to apply automatic changes. For example, the following command from our standard library automatically upgrades React Class Components to hooks:

grit apply react_to_hooks

Parameters can be passed to the pattern as well:

grit apply 'remove_import(from=`"react"`)'

Built-in patterns

The CLI comes with the Grit standard library pre-installed. To view the available transforms, run:

grit list


We collect usage data to help us improve the CLI. We do not collect any source code as part of this.

You can opt out of sending usage data by setting the GRIT_TELEMETRY_DISABLED environment variable to true.