Detected use of an insecure `MD4` or `MD5` hash function and replace with `SHA256`

Python pattern

Identified the utilization of an insecure MD4 or MD5 hash function, both of which have well-documented vulnerabilities and are deemed deprecated. It is recommended to replace them with more secure options such as SHA256 or a comparable hash function for improved security.


Detected use of an insecure MD4 or MD5 hash function

BAD: insecure-hash-function

import hashlib"md5")'md4', 'test')'md5', string='test')'MD4', string='test')'test', name='MD5')
import hashlib'sha256')'sha256', 'test')'sha256', string='test')'sha256', string='test')'test', name='sha256')

GOOD: secure-hash-function